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Hush Mail Customer Service Help

'No existing webmail is secure as like Hush Mail'- Claimed by its creator. Hush Communications Ltd is a web based email service provider based in Vancouver, Canada. Hush mail is a Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) categorized web mail that having wide range of features to ensure the security of mailing communications. Also, the mail having various security features including hiding IP addresses in email headers, two-step verification and HIPAA compliant encryption. For any assistance regarding mailing privacy issues or required service assistance, contact Hush Mail Technical support and find best Hush mail customer service and support help.

Hush mail is available both on free and premium Versions. The free version using users can enjoy the mailing services without paying anything, but limited to access only few features while the premium users can enjoy all the full features of Hush Mail with complete hush mail Technical support Assistance. Some of the highlighted features provided for Hush-mail users are including-OpenPGP and SSL/TLS encryption, Private, ad-free accounts, Live customer support and POP/IMAP access feature. Hush mail premium account subscription starts at $34.99.

Coming to the reality talk, we found that seven out of its ten users are subscribed to their free accounts. As you know that Hush-mail offering Hush mail customer support to those users who were subscribed for premium subscription. Then, how the free users can fix the issues if they encountered with any issues with mailing and messaging?

For the users, the best way to resolve the issue is through the Hush Mail customer service help center and Hush Mail social Media Page. An overview regarding both ways is given below:

Hush Mail customer support through Help Center Page

It's an Offline page managing by its customer support executive team. Visit the help center page of Hush mail support (https://help.hushmail.com/home) and search the solution for the issue associated with your web account. You can find a right solution for your issue either by searching it on the search bar or by finding answer on Topic wise and get complete procedure to get out of any technical issue of hush mail account mean find a best hush mail customer service helpline.

Hush Mail Technical support through forum

This might be good method for many free subscribers who are not entitled to talk with the Hush mail customer support phone number. Here, through the live support forum, the customers can talk with Hush mail executives for finding a solution for the persisting issues. To post a question on this forum first you’ve to log-in with the existing user name and password and then click on 'Ask a Question?'

In addition to the customer support forum, the Hush mail Live support is also available on Facebook and Twitter. But, it's unsure that you can get assistance through their social sites. In a random survey, we found that many of the questions asked by their end users to their support executives are unanswered. However, it's good to like/Follow their social sites to know about updates regarding the product and features.


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