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How do I change my Gmail profile picture in computer, Android and iphone?


Whenever you successfully create a Gmail account, so the first thing you have to do is change your Gmail profile picture. Why it is necessary? Make sure your profile picture shows a positive response towards your business. If you are a professional personal then it’s required to change your profile picture so that your user will know about you and your business.

Want to change the profile picture but didn’t know the process how to change the Gmail profile picture, so find the complete details regarding this issue.

For computer:

  1. If you are using your Gmail account in computer system then first choose the supported browser for your Gmail account i.e. internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, safari, Google chrome etc.
  2. After that, in address bar type the and go to sign in page of Gmail. Once you enter in your Gmail account look top right side where you find the setting icon. Then click on setting option.
  3. Under the my picture section click on change picture
  4. After that you have to select or upload a new picture.
  5. Finally click on apply changes.

For Android:

  1. In your android phone open the browser which you want for your Gmail account. After that visit to
    Then click on edit button which is next to your picture.
  2. On your photo just click on edit photo option & choose the picture which you want to add here.
  3. After that crop your profile picture as per your choice and once it done, just hit the done option.

For iphone:

  1. In your iphone,choose the web browser for your Gmail account, then go to
  2. Once you enter click on edit which is next to your picture then choose the photo which you want to add it as a profile picture.
  3. Then crop it and click on save changes.

By using these above steps you can simply change your profile picture in Gmail without any problem. But in case you have any kind of issue regarding Gmail, then don’t forget to call Gmail technical Support experts for quick and reliable solution.

How to fix these Top problems arises with Gmail account on android phone ?

Gmail is the fast, reliable mailing service. Communication was very difficult in previous times. Technology changes day by day. Firstly everyone uses computer for their personal and professional work. You can’t take computer everywhere and users face lots of issues. There are availability of smart phones are increasing day by day. You don’t need to go anywhere. There are many smart phones like android phone and iphone. You can complete your task and any activities like online payment, recharge etc by android phone. You can install any app on your smart phones and your work will be easier. Everyone connects by mailing service and there is no charge related to make any account on Gmail. It has large number of users in all over the world. It makes your life easier and you send anything like images, documents, files, signature etc. you can take benefits related Gmail account offered by Google. There are incredible features of android phones are alternate keyboards, wireless app installation, removable storage and battery, turn settings on for certain application, location, time of day etc. users are facing incredible technical errors related Gmail account on daily basis.

Top 10 common issues related Gmail account on android phone is described below:-

not able to logout of Gmail account on android phone 

How Do I Logout Of Gmail Account On Android Phone?you want to remove any mailing account from your smart phones and you can visit on this link and click more information:-

Unable to sign into Gmail account on android phone:-

When you make any account on any mailing service then you follow some steps. Username and password are important for everyone. Your password should be strong. When you install Gmail app on your smart phone then you follow some steps and it provides some security settings.  Without sign up you can’t login your Gmail account. you are not able to make Gmail account on android phone  and Gmail provides various online services and you get perfect solutions.

Unable to change Gmail password  in android phone:-

Password should be combination of numerical, upper and lower case letters and alphabets etc. if any person hack your account then you change the password easily in Gmail account. Your phone number and alternate email address helps to your recover Gmail account. Demand of android phones is famous in all over the world. you can perform any activity by your android phones. you are  not able to change the password  in Gmail account on android phone.

How do I set up email notification in Gmail on android phone?

Email notifications are very necessary in our life. When you make any account on Gmail and you are not getting any alert related new messaging. You face lot of issues. If you have smart phones and you are toll busy then you set email notification alert in your phone. It can save your time and you will never miss new message and important message. You can use Gmail account mailing service in schools, colleges, business, it firms etc.  You are unable to change email notification in Gmail account on android phone  then Gmail online services provides instant solutions in few seconds.

Can’t able to add another account on Gmail app on android phone:-

Every person has many accounts on mailing service and there is no charge. It is difficult for everyone to open individual account and read message from each account and your time is totally waste. You want to add another account on Gmail app in android phone then it is very beneficial for Gmail users. it saves your time and money. You install Gmail app on your smart phones. You don’t need to go anywhere. You can combine all account at one place.

How do I change profile picture in Gmail account on android phone?

Now days everyone makes fake profile and you can’t recognize exactly your friend profile or not. First step for identification is your profile picture and when you add profile picture in Gmail account. You easily identify your friends account. Profile picture is necessary for everyone. You open your Gmail on your phone and change everything.  You are facing issues related unable to change Gmail profile picture on android phone and then Gmail offers phone number for everyone that is available 24*7.

How to set priority inbox in Gmail account?

You want to set priority inbox in Gmail app on your android phone. If you are confusing which mail is important or not when you receive lots of mails. You can divide your mails into important, unread mails and starred mails. It saves lot of time. When you work will complete then you can read your unread mails. You can use Gmail priority inbox. Gmail app is installed on every device and its speed is very fast.

For any troubles related Gmail account then you contact Gmail Customer Service Number and get instant solution.


Not Able To Organize Emails in Bellsouth Account

Not Able To Organize Emails in Bellsouth Account: You are receiving lots of message per day and confusing which message is important or not. You need to create filters and folders for mails. Every person has busy life and missing important mails related to your work. Smart view features automatically categorize your mails into group of folders.  Mails are different types like unread, read, important, people, shopping and financial etc.  Important mails are those mails received message from the most contact persons. Time is very important for every person. Text is act of sending and composing electronic message. You want to know that How do I reset my Bell south password? , How do I sign into my Bellsouth email account?, How do I save emails to a Bellsouth folder? etc. you are regular user of Bellsouth mail and this articles is useful for us. How can we avoid email overloaded? You don’t need to worry that you can create different folders and sub folders for sorting of message. You access Bell south mails on computer, android or smart phones. You have multiple mailing accounts and arrange all messages at one place.

A single inbox for all your incoming mails can be quite annoying. You can also adding filters to send particular mails into relevant folder in your Bellsouth account. Bellsouth mail is controlled by yahoo mail. You need to connect Bellsouth Phone Number for various issues related mail like password, file sending and receiving issues etc. you can easily find our message in that folder .your business word totally depends upon mailing service. Mailing service inserts automatically unwanted message into spam folder. You can find out delete message in trash folder. This message will store in this folder for thirty days. categorizing emails not helps in sorting your emails but also offers you to have access easily them without any difficulty.

Getting Some Steps Related To Create A Filter In Bellsouth Account

  • You need to visit bellsouth login page and login this account.
  • Click on settings option.
  • Select filters option.
  • Click on add to create a filter option.
  • Select the conditions for your filter and where it will send the messages.
  • Use the up and down arrows on the right to prioritize your filters.
  • Click on save option.

You are facing issues related bellsouth mail are password issue , compose of message in bellsouth mail etc. bellsouth customer support resolve your technical error in short time and makes you trouble free. Our service offers the best online services for you.


How Do I Create Email Signature in Bellsouth Account ?

How Do I Create Email Signature in Bellsouth Account?: Signature is the most important part of every mailing account. You should add social media icons and website link inserts into signature. Mailing service automatically inserts this signature when you sending the mail. every person has account on social media like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. people put their names and contact details in the end of signature. You want to create signature for business purpose and this contains company logo, ongoing promotions and contact details. Bellsouth mailing is perfect for users who have personal and professional mailing account.  you want to know that How do I change my email signature Bellsouth? How do I put a signature on my email? How do I add an image to my Yahoo mail signature? How do I add a signature to my Yahoo email account? etc. you need to connect Bellsouth Mail Customer Service and get perfect solution related mailing issues

Providing contact information in each and every email you send is not only a free way to promote your business or website it helps to receiver of the email to contact you via other means. You have own business and want to spread in all over the world. You insert image in Bellsouth signature. Another person has doubts query related to your products then he will contact by website link and your company promotion will increase day by day. you remain connect with friends and family by mailing account. this post is very useful for users

Getting Some Steps Related To Create Signature In Bellsouth Account

  • You need to visit Bellsouth login page.
  • Click on gear icon and click on settings option.
  • Click on account option.
  • Under Mailboxes, select
  • Under the Signature heading, select Append a signature to the emails you send.
  • You need to create signature and add company name , email address, phone number, images, website link click on save option.

Not able to edit signature in Bellsouth account

  • Login Bellsouth or at&t mail account and click on settings option.
  • Select accounts option.
  • Under Mailboxes, select
  • You can edit anything in signature section.
  • Select save option.

How to delete signature in Bellsouth account?

  • Login Bellsouth or at&t account and select settings option.
  • Select in mailboxes option.
  • You can deselect this option like append a signature to the emails that you send.
  • Click on save option.

You have any troubles related bellsouth account are password issue, file sending and receiving issues etc. you need to connect bellsouth customer service number and get the best solution related mailing issues. our services provides the best guidelines related mailing issues like password issue, unable to create message in bellsouth account etc.


How can I add contacts in Gmail account in many ways ?

When you make account on any mailing service and it is necessary to add person’s history in your contacts list. When you send mail to any person then you have email address of another person. Gmail is the most popular mailing service in all over the world due to its incredible features. It can record of person’s name, email address and every detail in Gmail contact list. Many persons are using mailing service in large scale. Everyone uses Gmail for personal and professional purpose like sending and receiving mail, sending documents, files etc. when you add Gmail account in your smart phones and then you can access and synchronous Gmail contacts on your phones and anywhere. You will easily see your contact’s birthday monthly wise. Gmail has large number of beautiful features. CSV file stores data in the tabular format. If you have bulk amount of contacts then you import and export CSV File into another mailing service.There are many fields then you add complete details of any person. When you add contact details then you fill person name, email address, phone number, company name, job title, birthdates and many things.

You can add contacts by mailing address, CSV file. If you have another Gmail accounts and other mailing account then you can import contacts from another mailing service at one place. you import CSV file into Google contacts. You are sending mail to your contact then you easily search person email address and it saves your time. You added personal and professional contacts in mailing service. There are many technical issues related Gmail contacts .

There are some steps related to add contacts in Gmail account are described below:-

  • When you visit open Gmail account.
  • Select Gmail option and then select contacts option.
  • Click on new contact option.
  • Enter your contacts name, email address, company name, phone number, job title etc.
  • Click on save option.

Adding contacts from email address in Gmail account:-

If you have email address of any person and then you want to add another details of that person .Gmail offers this option for you. There are some steps are described below related adding contacts from email address:-

  • When you open Gmail account and open Gmail inbox.
  • You can open mail of that person in which you want to added details of person.
  • You can select the person’s name and you see contact details in lower left corner of the window. You go to contact person page.
  • You can click Add to My Contacts option.

How do I add contacts to Gmail account using CSV file?

You want to add contact details in CSV file and then you import this file into Google accounts. CSV File is comma separated value. You can follow some steps:-

  • First step is creating CSV file template and you export CSV File form Gmail account.
  • When you open Gmail account and when you select contact option and then new contact option.
  • Click on more option and then export option.
  • You can open the CSV File into Microsoft excel and you will see first, last and email address of person.
  • You can add your contacts in this file and every detail.
  • Then you open the file option and then click on save option.
  • Now you import CSV file into Google contacts.
  • When you type Google contacts in your browser.
  • When you sign Google contacts and you go to Google contacts page .
  • You click on import contacts option.
  • You select choose file option and select .CSV files option and your file is uploading.
  • You select import option.

You have any issues related Gmail contacts then you contact Gmail Customer Service Helpline Number. you get instant solutions by our online services.


How do I use Gmail priority inbox for Computer, Android and iphone?


We know Gmail for its wonderful features and services which time to time it offers us to maintain our mails, contacts and other things. This is the only web mail services which make the communication process in an easy and effective way without any distortion. Today approx 425 millions of active users are there who connected with Gmail because of its well advanced features. If you using Gmail for your personal and professional reason there you didn’t have to use any other web mail services because you will find all the features in one roof called Gmail.

Exactly in the same manner the Gmail introduced one new feature i.e. Priority inbox feature. Through this feature user can easily find their all important message and sorts them in one place. But the fact is that how user can use priority inbox feature in Gmail for computer, android and iphone? In this you will find how easily you can use this priority inbox feature in Gmail.

For Computer:

  • First open your Gmail account then look at setting icon and click on that.
  • Now click on setting button and after that just click on inbox tab. Here you have to select the priority inbox under the inbox type section.
  • Now you have to choose the other inbox setting and click on save changes.

For Android:

  • First you have to open your Gmail app
  • Then click on menu icon which is located at top left side
  • Then click on setting option. Now choose your account and click on inbox type
  • And finally select priority inbox.

For iphone:

  • Go to your Gmail from your computer.
  • If you want to configure your inbox then click on setting icon which is located at top right side and then click on setting.
  • Now just hit the inbox tab after that choose priority inbox under the inbox type section
  • And finally hit the save changes option.

If you interacting with any kind of issue regarding Gmail, then don’t hesitate to call Gmail technical support for proper and quick assistance. Here these technicians deals with all kinds of issue which affects the users work.

How do you change email notification for Computer, Android & iphone in Gmail?


The email notification is very important feature for any web mail services. This feature enables you whenever you receive any kind of mail. The email notification allows the administrator to specify that: who receive the notification, what content in the notification and when to send the notification. The Gmail also offers this feature for their user so that user they will notify if they receive any kind of mail or message.

Most probably some of the user didn’t know how to change the email notification in Gmail. If you have this kind of problem then just go through the details which I mention below:
For Computer:

1. Open the browser in which you use your Gmail account and go to login page of Gmail. Then enter the email address and password and enter in your Gmail account.
2. Now move to setting icon on top right side and click on setting option.
3. Then scroll down and find the option of desktop notification. Then you have to select new mail notification on, important mail notification on and mail notification off.
4. Once you did it, and then click on save changes which are located at bottom of the page.

For Android:

1. In android open your Gmail app and hit the menu icon on the top left side.
2. The click on setting and choose your account. Then check the box which is next to notification to turn on. Then click on inbox sound and vibrate and choose your notification setting.

For iphone:

1. For iphone and ipad open the Gmail app and click on menu icon which is located top left side. The n click on setting option.
2. Now tap your account here and in the notification section you have to choose which type of emails you want notification for.

Might be possible some of the users are not able to understand these steps, no issue you can do one thing, just contact to Gmail technical support where these experts solve your all issue in a perfect way and make you trouble free. They troubleshoot your all problem one by one regarding Gmail. Any time you can make a direct connection with these technical experts because they always available in your service.

Not able to create Signature in Gmail? Find best solution here


The Gmail is finest mailing platform for your day to day activity. Through this people can easily handle their all personal and professional activities. The Gmail always offers excellent features and services to their user so that; they didn’t have to face any kind of problem regarding mailing and all. Only Gmail user will get the best features as compare to any other web mail services. Here I mention some of its unique features are:

  1. You can easily schedule your meetings, appointments etc with the help of Gmail.
  2. Send or receive the mails or attachments with large size in Gmail.
  3. Set the desktop notification in Gmail if you are concern about your mail.
  4. Easily take the mail backup in Gmail

You can do lots of things with Gmail similarly you can create a digital signature in Gmail. The signature is important aspect in any mail because it shows about you and your business. But if you don’t know how to create signature in Gmail then follow the points below which I mention here.

  1. First, choose the browser in which you open your Gmail account, such as: internet explorer, safari, Google chrome etc.
  2. Then type & enter your email address and id to login in your Gmail account.
  3. Once you enter in your account, just look tool right side where you find the icon of setting. Now click on that setting icon and scroll down to setting option and click on that setting.
  4. After that new window will appear, here you have to find the option of signature.
  5. Once you find the signature section, type anything which you want to add in your signature field. Make sure the signature includes your name, contact information, place of employment and title etc. you can also change the font, color etc of signature and make it as same a professional. So that you signature looks professional and easy to read.
  6. You can also add some websites links to your signature section which gives a positive impact to your business and lots of people would connected to you.
  7. And finally once you complete all these steps then click on save changes. Now your Gmail signature is ready.

If unfortunately you encountered with some technical glitches, then immediately contact to Gmail technical support for best and reliable solution.

How do you send email from different address in Gmail?


If you are owner of different email address then you can send mail as that address. For instant: another Gmail address, outlook yahoo, or some other non Gmail email address, your school, college domain like: etc. Here is discussing step by step solution so that you can know how to send the mail from different address in Gmail.If you are owner of different email address then you can send mail as that address. For instant: another Gmail address, outlook yahoo, or some other non Gmail email address, your school, college domain like: etc. Here is discussing step by step solution so that you can know how to send the mail from different address in Gmail.

1) First you have to open your Gmail account by entering the email address and password. Once you enter in your account, look on top right side where you find the option of setting icon just click on that icon.

2) After that scroll down setting icon and find the setting option. Once you find that just hit that setting option. After that you have to click on account and import under the setting section. And here click on add another email address you own link.

3) After that you have to enter your name and the email address which you want to send from. And click on next step.

4) Then you have to enter your SMTP server. If you have this server then:

  • Send through SMTP server is selected, then enter the SMTP server name, enter password, always SSL connection is checked, then verify the port with SSL 465 and without 587.
  • Then just click on add account.

5) But in case if you do not have SMTP server then:

  • Send through Gmail is selected, and click on next step, then click on sends verification.

6) After you have to close the Gmail and add another email address. Now please verify the new email address which is appearing in the account section of your Gmail setting.

After that you have to confirm the address. For this:

  • First you have to sign in to the account which you added. After that just open the confirmation message which you got from the Gmail.
  • And click on that link.

If you have any other issue or query regarding Gmail then immediately contact to Gmail technical support for quick assistance.

How do I set automatic vacation responder in Gmail?


Managing the mailing activities becomes very easy when we are connected with internet and stay in office of home. But it seems very difficult when any user stay away from their home and office. At that time users are not able to maintain their mailing activities. Obviously it happens with most of the user they visit out of station or somewhere else, during that time they didn’t carry their laptops or system so they can’t reply of those messages which are sent by the recipients. So, how user will inform his recipients that he is out of station?  Because it is irritating to tell one by one through phone.

But now you didn’t have to worry about that problem because Gmail offers you one of the best feature through which you can easily intimate your recipients that you are not there & that feature is “automatic reply option”. The auto responder automatically sends the mail to your subscriber without the use of an email service provider. So, how can you set the automatic responder in Gmail? If you didn’t know then quickly follow the below steps which solve your all problem related to automatic responder.

  1. For this auto responder you have to login in your Gmail account. Once you login then enter in your Gmail account.
  2. After that, look top right side where you find the setting icon, hit it. Now scroll down until you will find the option of setting. Once you will get, click on that setting option.
  3. After clicking, new window will appear with numerous of option, search vacation responder. Here you will get two options: vacation responder off & vacation responder on. You have to go with vacation responder on. After that mention your date when your vacation should start.
  4. Fill your last date also when you come back.
  5. Now you have to create your actual message for what purpose you will going to out of stationAnd finally
  6. click the save changes.