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Contacts are very necessary in our life. There is different contact field information likes your contact name, email id, birthdate, company name, and you’re company address etc. you can easily communicate through many persons like your friends, colleague, and classmates etc. You can use mailing service for business purpose and personal purpose.  Mailing is the best method of communication. You can edit your contact information and delete your contact information. Gmail offers the unique feature for you. There are different emails services like outlook, mail.com yahoo mail etc. you wanted to import and export contacts from other mailing service into Gmail. It saves your time. Suppose if contact number saved in your list then you can easily find out any information.

Process Related Edit Contacts In Gmail:-

When you add any information and you want to make some changes in your contacts. Then you can edit your contact information like phone number, Email address etc. editing information is very useful for us. You can follow some steps are described below-

  • Visit to Google contacts and select contact’s name.
  • You can select edit option and then you type your exact information person’s number, name, email address etc.
  • Then you can save your information.
  • When your information will save then you will see your actual information.

Steps related delete any contact information:-

If you save wrong information and wrong contacts and you have many contacts then you can delete some old contacts from your list. Gmail is the best mailing service in all over the world and Gmail is the best product which is offered by Google. There are some steps related delete any contact information are described below-

  • Visit to Google contacts and you can choose contacts option and then you check all the boxes.
  • You want to delete multiple contacts simultaneously then you can select all contacts that you want to delete.
  • Select more option and then you select delete option.

How can I import contacts from other mailing service?

When you have many account on mailing service. You send images, attachments, documents by mailing service.  You can import contact from another mailing service like yahoo, outlook, hotmail etc. if you are using Gmail service and you want to add other mailing contacts then it is easy for you then you will easy see any information .  You can import other mailing contacts in Google contacts.  It is like address book in which you can search anything.  There are some steps related imports contacts from outlook, hot mail are described below:-

    • Visit Google contacts and select more option and then import option.
    • Firstly you select the account that you want to import into Google contacts.
    • Select I Agree and let’s Go option.
    • You can sing into your account and then choose agree option.

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