l-833-4l0-5666 How can I use Gmail offline?


If I say, can you manage your email activity or any kind of email account without internet connectivity? Damn sure you answer will be obviously a big NO. But actually this is not true, in case of Gmail you can access your all email activity without internet connectivity also. If you are a regular user of Gmail then might be you are aware of this Gmail’s functionality but it is difficult for any user to find out this extreme feature.

Ok, let me clear out this, users can easily compose the messages and access their email account if they don’t have any kind internet connectivity, slow or unreliable. Only Gmail is the web mail service provider who offers this kind of feature as compare to any other web mail services. You are not required to send any message with internet; you can simply send any outbound message but note one thing, the maximum sync period for data is 30 days.

For this kind of feature you have to install the Gmail offline first then you can do this process. But make sure if you are using a public or shared computer, don’t install it Gmail offline might be possible some other person can access your account and see your messages. In this post you will find how to use the Gmail offline.

    1. First you have to visit the Gmail offline page in the chrome web store. After that click on “add to chrome” then hit the add app option.
    2. Now visit to chrome://apps/ and click on Gmail offline
    3. Now hit the “allow offline mail” option then click on continue button.

Here your app is installed and your message will start syncing. By this way you can send your messages and attachment up to 5 MB and 25 MB for single message. But if you don’t want Gmail offline then you can simply uninstall it. For this:

    1. First open your Google chrome and click on more icon which is located at top right side.
    2. After that click on setting then click on advance option. Now go to privacy & security section and click on content setting.
    3. Here you have to click on cookies option and click on remove all and confirm by clicking clear all.

For install, first visit to chrome://apps/ and right click on Gmail offline. Then again click on remove from chrome.



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