l-833-4l0-5666 How do I add or remove inbox categories and tabs in Gmail?


In most of the scenario users keep their inbox clean and sorted but what about when your inbox is out of control. Here out of control means, heap of messages and from that message you are not able to find your important one. Obviously it becomes irritating and most time consuming that’s why keeping this thing in mind Google introduced one most advanced feature i.e. category feature.

The Google offer this feature of Gmail users which helps them to categorized and manage their emails in one place and whenever they need it, then can find it. In Gmail user can find five categories such as: primary, social, updates, promotions and forums. You can simply check and uncheck the category as per your choice and once it done just click on save button. Isn’t great feature? So, go to your Gmail account and use this fantastic feature to categorize your emails. What happen? Don’t know the process? No issue, simply follow the post which is share here so that you will know how to add or remove the category in Gmail.

Process for add or remove the inbox category in Gmail?

    1. First you have to choose your style inbox, for this:
    2. Open the Gmail account and go to setting icon and click on setting option. After that click on inbox tab.
    3. In this section you will find default, important first, unread first, starred first and priority inbox. Then select the setting like to show importance marker or how to filter mail.
    4. Now the process of add or remove the category:
    5. Same as above, open the Gmail account and click on setting icon then click on setting option then configure inbox
    6. Now as per the choice check the boxes of category which you want to use and make sure if you hide the tab then this messages will shown in your primary tab.
    7. After that click on save button.

By this way you can simply add or remove the inbox category in Gmail. If anything else regarding Gmail issue the immediately contact to Gmail technical experts for reliable support.





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