l-833-4l0-5666 How do I change my Gmail language settings?


The Gmail is one of the giant and biggest web mail service providers who offer too many features and services for their users. If any of the users want send messages, receive messages, taking the mail backup, fix their meetings, set auto responder and many other things, they can easily perform these activities with Gmail. The Gmail is globally popular and demanded by millions of users because of its well advanced features.

Today Gmail is available in approx 71 languages so that user can easily use this Gmail in their own language conveniently. You can set Gmail as per your own language but might be possible some of the users do not know the language setting in Gmail.

How to set the language setting in Gmail?

    1. First select most appropriate and supported web browser for your Gmail account such as: internet explorer, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. Then type www.gmail.com in the address bar.
    2. Now you will redirect to Gmail login page, here you have to mention your email address and password & hit the sign in button.
    3. Once you enter in your Gmail account, go to top right side where you find setting icon and click on setting option. Then go to language section and choose any language which you want from the drop down menu and click on save changes.

User can type in another language in Gmail for this:

    1. Open your Gmail account and go to setting icon then setting option.
    2. Now move to language section and click on “show all languages option”
    3. After that you have to check on enable input tool after that select any language as per your convenience and click on OK button.
    4. Once it complete, hit the save changes button & now you can simply user your Gmail in your own language.

If you are an android user then open your setting app and click on languages and input then click on language. After that drag your language to the top of the list.

If you find any type of difficulty in Gmail setting then contact to Gmail technical support for further and immediate support.




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