How simply you change the username in Gmail?


When you create Gmail account, in sign up page you will find the option of “username” this option plays a vital role while you create your Gmail account. Through your username you can easily access in your account in case if you forget your email address. But if you thinks someone hacked your email address and access in your Gmail account, then the best option is to change the username in Gmail.

If you are looking for easy steps to change the username so don’t go anywhere because here you will find easy steps to change your username.

    1. To change the username first go to Gmail login page and enter the details like: email address and password and hit the sign in page.
    2. Now you are successfully enter in your Gmail account. Then go to right side where you will find something wheel like structure just click on that.
    3. Once you will click, scroll down and find the setting option and click on setting button.
    4. Under the setting category you have to go with account and import tab.
    5. Then press the edit info under the send mail as section.
    6. Now mention the name which you like and if it is done at once then click on save changes.

Here you successfully change your username in Gmail. However sometime users are not able to change their username because of some problem. So keep following the steps to know what are the problem is related with username and how to solve if you are not able change your username.

  1. Before using the Gmail account first check your browser if is it correctly working or not. Type in your browser’s address bar. If new window will appear then surely it means you browser is perfectly working. But if there is some trouble then switch to other web browser. Some of the supported browsers are: internet explorer, Google chrome, safari etc.
  • If there no browser problem then, double check your internet connectivity and if there is some problem then contact to network administrator.
  • Sometime browser’s cookies and cache creates this type of problem. So immediately clear your browser’s cookies and cache.


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