How to fix these Top problems arises with Gmail account on android phone ?


Gmail is the fast, reliable mailing service. Communication was very difficult in previous times. Technology changes day by day. Firstly everyone uses computer for their personal and professional work. You can’t take computer everywhere and users face lots of issues. There are availability of smart phones are increasing day by day. You don’t need to go anywhere. There are many smart phones like android phone and iphone. You can complete your task and any activities like online payment, recharge etc by android phone. You can install any app on your smart phones and your work will be easier. Everyone connects by mailing service and there is no charge related to make any account on Gmail. It has large number of users in all over the world. It makes your life easier and you send anything like images, documents, files, signature etc. you can take benefits related Gmail account offered by Google. There are incredible features of android phones are alternate keyboards, wireless app installation, removable storage and battery, turn settings on for certain application, location, time of day etc. users are facing incredible technical errors related Gmail account on daily basis.

Top 10 common issues related Gmail account on android phone is described below:-

not able to logout of Gmail account on android phone 

How Do I Logout Of Gmail Account On Android Phone?you want to remove any mailing account from your smart phones and you can visit on this link and click more information:-

Unable to sign into Gmail account on android phone:-

When you make any account on any mailing service then you follow some steps. Username and password are important for everyone. Your password should be strong. When you install Gmail app on your smart phone then you follow some steps and it provides some security settings.  Without sign up you can’t login your Gmail account. you are not able to make Gmail account on android phone  and Gmail provides various online services and you get perfect solutions.

Unable to change Gmail password  in android phone:-

Password should be combination of numerical, upper and lower case letters and alphabets etc. if any person hack your account then you change the password easily in Gmail account. Your phone number and alternate email address helps to your recover Gmail account. Demand of android phones is famous in all over the world. you can perform any activity by your android phones. you are  not able to change the password  in Gmail account on android phone.

How do I set up email notification in Gmail on android phone?

Email notifications are very necessary in our life. When you make any account on Gmail and you are not getting any alert related new messaging. You face lot of issues. If you have smart phones and you are toll busy then you set email notification alert in your phone. It can save your time and you will never miss new message and important message. You can use Gmail account mailing service in schools, colleges, business, it firms etc.  You are unable to change email notification in Gmail account on android phone  then Gmail online services provides instant solutions in few seconds.

Can’t able to add another account on Gmail app on android phone:-

Every person has many accounts on mailing service and there is no charge. It is difficult for everyone to open individual account and read message from each account and your time is totally waste. You want to add another account on Gmail app in android phone then it is very beneficial for Gmail users. it saves your time and money. You install Gmail app on your smart phones. You don’t need to go anywhere. You can combine all account at one place.

How do I change profile picture in Gmail account on android phone?

Now days everyone makes fake profile and you can’t recognize exactly your friend profile or not. First step for identification is your profile picture and when you add profile picture in Gmail account. You easily identify your friends account. Profile picture is necessary for everyone. You open your Gmail on your phone and change everything.  You are facing issues related unable to change Gmail profile picture on android phone and then Gmail offers phone number for everyone that is available 24*7.

How to set priority inbox in Gmail account?

You want to set priority inbox in Gmail app on your android phone. If you are confusing which mail is important or not when you receive lots of mails. You can divide your mails into important, unread mails and starred mails. It saves lot of time. When you work will complete then you can read your unread mails. You can use Gmail priority inbox. Gmail app is installed on every device and its speed is very fast.

For any troubles related Gmail account then you contact Gmail Customer Service Number and get instant solution.




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