Can I assign profile pictures to contacts in Gmail account?

Can I assign profile pictures to contacts in Gmail account?”: Profile picture is necessary in case of every contact. You easily recognize your family, friends, colleague etc. Everyone has smart phones now days. If you have contact picture of person in your phone then you easily add that picture in your contacts in Gmail account. If you are working in any organization and you need to assign profile picture then your senior identify you and send important details. Now days hacking are the most common issues of everyone. Any person steals your username, password, profile picture, banking details etc. you can upload a profile picture in JPG format and up to limited size. it offers the best solution related to assign pictures in your Gmail contacts.You can change profile picture any time and it depends upon you. Now day’s persons are using this feature for family, friend’s contacts. When you add accounts on social profiles like face book etc. you have face book account and then it is difficult to identify your family, friends etc. when you see profile picture and you easily identify that it is your friend or not.

Gmail is the most popular mailing service in all over the world. It saves your time and it is very difficult to pictures of your contacts.When you add accounts in your android phone and your contacts will automatically synchronize in android phones. You can found all photos in gallery and download pictures from the internet. When you send mail to another person and type the email address and suppose two persons have same name and id are  approximately same then you can create differentiate between two persons by profile picture. You send mail in fraction of seconds. when you add  professional image in your social account and it impacts good impression on another person and this is attractive feature to more people to purchase your product. Gmail offers the best solutions related technical issues related Gmail contacts. 

Unable to adding picture to contacts in Gmail:-

  • When you open your Gmail account and choose contacts option.
  • Then you select choose a contact option and you select add a picture option.
  • When you see select contact photo option and there are four options like photos from your computer, second option is your photos in which you add contact photo, third option is your profile photo etc.
  • When you select the photo then click as a contact photo.
  • You click on save and change option.

How do I add make contact profile picture private in Gmail account?

Many persons have account on social media and Gmail account. Security is important for everyone. if you have Gmail account and it is necessary to make profile picture private in Gmail account. Another person can easily download your picture. You can follow some steps:-

  • When you open Gmail account and select settings option.
  • You click on general option and you will see my pictures option.
  • There are different option like visible to everyone, visible only to people I can chat with
  • You can change the visibility of your profile picture.
  • You select save changes option.

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