Fix Solutions Cox SMTP server not working 2019, responding, password Not working with Step by Step

Cox SMTP server not working:  SMTP which stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a protocol which allows users to send email messages through the different email clients. The Cox email is readily compatible to send emails through the email clients such as outlook, windows mail etc. using the SMTP server. Although using the SMTP protocol and server in Cox email is not that complicated still many users have to face different problems occasionally. If you want to use your Cox email through a third party email clients but Cox SMTP server not working for you then this article can help you a lot. Here, we will list down the various reasons behind the Cox SMTP server not working issues and correct settings to fix this problem.

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Why is Cox SMTP Server not working for you?

The most prevalent reason why Cox SMTP server might not be working for you is incorrect SMTP settings. The types of malfunctioning that can be caused by improper SMTP settings are as follows:

  • The email authentication failed: This problem occurs when you have an incorrect username and password in SMTP settings.
  • The SMTP Settings are mistaken: It is also possible that you might be facing Cox SMTP server not working issue because you may have configured your email client with the incorrect server name.
  • Problem with the port: Choosing the right port for SMTP is also very necessary otherwise it is quite possible that you will face a Cox SMTP server malfunctioning.
  • Antivirus and Firewall: If you don’t have an exception rule for your SMTP server in your firewall, antivirus settings and proxy service then you may face problems related to the Cox SMTP server.

You can fix the SMTP server not working issue effortlessly by entering the correct SMTP Server settings.

How to resolve SMTP Server not working issues?

Whatever is the reason if the Cox SMTP server not working then it will not be possible for you to send messages through the Cox email on other email clients such as MS Outlook.

Here is the correct SMTP server setting that users should enter in order to use Cox through the SMTP protocol.

  1. Your Name: Enter your full name:
  2. Email Address: Enter your Cox email address
  3. User Name: Your Username is the first part of your Cox email address. For example if your Cox email address is Then your username is abc.
  4. Password: Provide your Cox Email Password
  5. Account Type: IMAP
  6. Incoming Mail settings: The incoming mail settings should be as follows:
    1. Server Name:
    2. Port Number: 993 with SSL enabled. The authentication box should also be enabled.
  7. Outgoing Mail settings: The outgoing mail settings should be as follows:
    1. Server Name:
    2. Port: 587 with TLS enabled or 465 with SSL enabled. The authentication box should be checked.
  8. Use SSL/ TLS: Yes

The Cox SMTP server should work smoothly if you are using the above mentioned settings. However, if Cox SMTP server not working properly even after using the correct settings then you should contact Cox email support.

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