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Create a Contact Group or Distribution List in Mail.Com : Distribution list is necessary for us. We can easily manage contacts by using groups, search option. Every person wants to separate professional life and personal life. We create different groups like schools, family, friends, project or assignment group and we put contacts into them. We can easily send message to lot of people at one time and it saves our time.  We can create a custom of groups .for business purpose and you manage multiple groups at same is the excellent mailing service in all over the world. Everyone thought that why distribution list is necessary for us. When we send message individually and lots of time is consuming. It reduces your lots of wish special occasion like birthday, anniversary and send message in group immediately. When you send message to same group on regular basis then you create personal group.

We want to know that How To Create A New Contact Group And Assign Contacts To A Mail.Com Group. Everyone should have smart phones now days. You can remove contacts from the list and delete distribution list any time. When you prepare newsletter, project and send urgent information then you type the group name and send the message. You manage your events, meetings easily by group.  Now days customer wants faster mailing service, good quality products and faster delivery.  We want to know that How to set up a contact group on iPhone & iPad .these phones have special features fro complete your tasks and activites.

How To Create A Group In Mail.Com Account?

  • Open account and select the new group.
  • You can type the group name and select save option.
  • Select add more contacts link option.
  • You can select the contacts name form the contacts list and add these contacts in group.
  • Select the save button option.

How do I assign individual name to one or more groups?

  • Open account and select the contact name.
  • When you see contact view of the person.
  • You will see group section and select edit option.
  • You can select the required group like family, friends , club or coworkers in which you want to add this name .
  • You can select save option.

Unable to select the contacts from the group

When you create any group  and want to select contacts from the group then you can follow some steps are described below:-

  • Login your account and select group name with the help of group filter option.
  • You can see the option select contacts from the group at the bottom. You click on that option.
  • You can remove the check mark sign to individual contacts and then you select any action like compose of an email, create group, delete contact on the right side .

How do I delete contact group in account?

  • When you login account and select required group name by group filters.
  • Now you click on delete icon option.

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