How can I add Contacts group in Gmail account?

How can I add Contacts group in Gmail account?: Contacts groups are necessary for everyone. When you work in any organization and share projects to many people simultaneously.It is very difficult to send mail to individual contacts and your time will waste. You create contacts in Gmail account and you add person’s name.If you send message to send group of people like sports team, worker team etc. Gmail offers the best features for you. It’s very useful for business purpose. You add many contacts in your group. Everyone creates personal and professional groups .you create meeting   and event request then you send to message only to your contacts group the everyone will see easily your message  and it saves your time. If you have a big task and you divide this task into small groups. Your work will easy. Gmail is the best tool for business purpose and your communication easy.  You can categorize your contact list into clients, coworkers and suppliers. If you have other accounts on mailing service then you import all another contacts from another mailing accounts in Gmail account.

Complete details of every contacts person are necessary in mailing account. You want to send mail quickly to your colleague without manually adding each email address. Everyone uses smart phones now days. You can sort your contacts and arrange into different groups. Your work is totally depends on mailing service and you send mailing in just fraction of seconds.  you just click on group names and message will reach to person in contacts groups and any one can reply in group . The best features of Gmail account are scan message with the preview pane, see Google calendar form Gmail labs, use Gmail offline etc. Gmail offers online resolution related various issues created by Gmail contacts 

There are some steps related to create contact group in Gmail account are described below:-

  • When you open Gmail account and when you choose Gmail
  • You select Contacts option and you select the contacts that you want to add in groups.
  • You select Groups Button and you select the new group option and type the name of new group.
  • You select ok option.

Unable to hide the email address in case of sending to group in Gmail account:

You want to hide the email address of some person in contacts groups and Gmail offers this option for you. When you send mail to contacts groups then every person will easily see another person email address. Gmail provides this option for you that another person see your group name and not email address. You can add the email address in Bcc field. You can follow some steps are described below:-

  • When you open Gmail account and you type the email address of some recipients name in blind carbon copy field.
  • You can type the message and subject name. you can type the group name in To filed.
  • You select send option.

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