How can I add contacts in Gmail account in many ways ?

When you make account on any mailing service and it is necessary to add person’s history in your contacts list. When you send mail to any person then you have email address of another person. Gmail is the most popular mailing service in all over the world due to its incredible features. It can record of person’s name, email address and every detail in Gmail contact list. Many persons are using mailing service in large scale. Everyone uses Gmail for personal and professional purpose like sending and receiving mail, sending documents, files etc. when you add Gmail account in your smart phones and then you can access and synchronous Gmail contacts on your phones and anywhere. You will easily see your contact’s birthday monthly wise. Gmail has large number of beautiful features. CSV file stores data in the tabular format. If you have bulk amount of contacts then you import and export CSV File into another mailing service.There are many fields then you add complete details of any person. When you add contact details then you fill person name, email address, phone number, company name, job title, birthdates and many things.

You can add contacts by mailing address, CSV file. If you have another Gmail accounts and other mailing account then you can import contacts from another mailing service at one place. you import CSV file into Google contacts. You are sending mail to your contact then you easily search person email address and it saves your time. You added personal and professional contacts in mailing service. There are many technical issues related Gmail contacts .

There are some steps related to add contacts in Gmail account are described below:-

  • When you visit open Gmail account.
  • Select Gmail option and then select contacts option.
  • Click on new contact option.
  • Enter your contacts name, email address, company name, phone number, job title etc.
  • Click on save option.

Adding contacts from email address in Gmail account:-

If you have email address of any person and then you want to add another details of that person .Gmail offers this option for you. There are some steps are described below related adding contacts from email address:-

  • When you open Gmail account and open Gmail inbox.
  • You can open mail of that person in which you want to added details of person.
  • You can select the person’s name and you see contact details in lower left corner of the window. You go to contact person page.
  • You can click Add to My Contacts option.

How do I add contacts to Gmail account using CSV file?

You want to add contact details in CSV file and then you import this file into Google accounts. CSV File is comma separated value. You can follow some steps:-

  • First step is creating CSV file template and you export CSV File form Gmail account.
  • When you open Gmail account and when you select contact option and then new contact option.
  • Click on more option and then export option.
  • You can open the CSV File into Microsoft excel and you will see first, last and email address of person.
  • You can add your contacts in this file and every detail.
  • Then you open the file option and then click on save option.
  • Now you import CSV file into Google contacts.
  • When you type Google contacts in your browser.
  • When you sign Google contacts and you go to Google contacts page .
  • You click on import contacts option.
  • You select choose file option and select .CSV files option and your file is uploading.
  • You select import option.

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