How Can I Remove Pop up Ads in Mozilla Firefox?

You can use Mozilla Firefox for windows, Linux operating system. Pop ups are the most common issues of browser users. They can’t complete their work.You are thinking that what are pop ads and it is nothing like that advertising ads displayed automatically on your screen. It offers some products or company services. It covers the whole screen. You see ads in the middle of browsers screen.  It attracts web traffic. You start your own business then you allow pop ups related to your service. it is the form of different shapes and sizes. We are living in modern world where you use any technologies. Some pop up ads contains virus or malicious codes then another person will easily steal your personal information. When you visit any new site and see advertising adds in every corner of your screen. Hacking are the most common issues for everyone. pop ups are like banners, pop under and floaters. Banners ads are like hyperlinks in the image form. When you click on this link then you reach on advertiser’s webpage and read complete details about these ads.  You are surfing the internet then you will see thousand of banner ads.

 You can stop all these unwanted ads on Mozilla Firefox browse. It is the best browser in all over the world. Many popular ads based on JavaScript applications. some ads steals your personal information like username, password,account details etc. pop up  blocker reduces pop up ads. Different pop up ads are very useful in online marketing.

You can follow some step related to remove pop up ads in Mozilla Firefox are described below:-

  • When you open Firefox browser.
  • Click on the drop down menu on the top left corner of the firefox browser, and select on options.
  • Select on content tab option.
  • You can check the block popup windows.
  • Select ok button option.

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