How can I set up Contact Delegation in Gmail account?

Everyone has own assistant who performs various activities like access your folders, files and contacts on behalf of  is the most popular mailing service in all over the world. You can do your work without any tension. Main uses of Gmail account for office purpose. Delegation is like assistant who manages your contact address, updates phone numbers, add names, fills every details and send email to any person. It is very necessary for everyone and in your absence; your assistant will complete every work. You want that your delegate access only your contact and not only information. Maximum users are using Gmail account and it provides unlimited storage for your attachments, a file etc. when you share your username and passwords then it is very risky for everyone. Everyone has personal and professional account. Work of delegation is read, send and delete message in Gmail account. When you respond to any mail in fraction of seconds and your boss will impress from your work.

If you are going on any vacation and out of office then your assistant responds to your mails on behalf of you. You can share your contacts with your assistant. Everyone wants short break in life and it is necessary for everyone. There are many troubles related Gmail contacts are facing by Gmail users. You add delegation in your mails, contacts and nay thing. if you are too busy in your work and you have no time to respond to your latest mails then you add some delegates names and they manage only your contacts and not change your settings.

There are some steps related contacts delegations in Gmail contact are described below:-

  • When you open Gmail account and select more option.
  • You can select manage delegation settings option.
  • This option is only available in case of school and for group accounts.
  • You can invite people option and you can type the person name and address in which you want to manage delegate contacts.
  • You can type maximum 25 contacts names.
  • You select send option and you can share your contacts with assistant any time.

You have any issues related Gmail contact like unable to add contacts then you contact Gmail customer support service landline number. you get instant solutions.


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