How do I add Gmail account on android phone?

How do I add Gmail account on android phone? Mailing service is an important part of our life. Communications is very necessary in our life. There are many smart phones like android and iphone. You can complete your activities and task with the help of application. Main advantage of android phone is to keep all mail accounts for personal and business purpose.You add many accounts on your android phone and your work will be easier.Gmail is famous in all over the world.  You install any application on your phone and then you pay online electricity bills, recharge, and transfer money in another account with the help of net banking etc.  You complete your work by home and you don’t need to go anywhere. Android phone has incredible features like quick notification access, restrict data usage, save a web page as PDF, and see all the open tabs, power button to end call, you add smart lock , zooms in map easily makes your perfect life.Gmail users face technical errors related Gmail account on android phone on daily basis. Everyone uses electronic devices and mailing service.

Many persons don’t know the features of smart phones and they face difficulty related personal work.There is time where everyone has smart phones and they complete their work with the help of these smart phones.You want to make Gmail account on android phone.Firstly you install Gmail app on your phone.Mostly users are not using hidden features of smart phones.This application makes our life more comfortable and advanced for users. When you make any Gmail account then it is compulsory for filling personal information like your name, date of birth, username and password.These are two most important things. Without username and password you can’t open any account.

Unable to make Gmail account on android phone and you get the best solutions here :-

  • Firstly you install Gmail app on your android phone and you can open Gmail app.
  • You can press menu option.
  • When you tap down arrow option in the right of username.
  • You tap add account option and you select the account type in which you want to add.
  • You can follow the steps and when your account will add then you can open your account any time.

There are many technical errors are facing by Gmail users in daily life. Gmail offers many online services and you get instant solutions. You can contact Gmail Technical helpline number any time.


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