How do I block or unblock Gmail contact?

How do I block or unblock Gmail contact?: You are receiving an unwanted message on daily basis.Gmail automatically transfer unwanted message into spam folders. Never reply to these suspicious emails who asking for personal information related to your accounts. You can mark some emails as spam emails. Gmail offers an excellent method for you.Users can block contacts who sending spam message. You have a small business and dedicated email address. It keeps in touch with your employees, co-workers, friends. You can’t identify which message is important or not. you missed important message .there are lots of users who don’t know the method related to blocking Gmail contact. You want to know that how to unblock someone on Gmail app, How to Block Email Addresses in Gmail, How do I block emails permanently on Gmail? How do I find my blocked contacts on Gmail? Etc.

This article is very useful for Gmail users. when you blocked someone’s email message and can’t send a message to blocked contacts. blocking email message protects your inbox free from the unwanted message. Gmail is the most popular mailing service in all over the world. users can use this mailing service for the personal and professional purpose.

Methods related to block a contact in Gmail account are described below:-

  • Login Gmail account and open the email message belongs that contact person.
  • Select the arrow button option next to the reply option.
  • You will see many options like forwarding, filter message like this, block contact name.
  • You can click on block contact name you will see individual’s contact name.
  • You can click on the block button option.

How to unblock contact in Gmail account?

  • Open Gmail account and go to Gmail settings option.
  • Select the filters and blocked address option.
  • You will see a list of blocked address.
  • You can select the contact that you want to unblock it.
  • You can also click on unblock button option.

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