How do I change my Gmail profile picture in computer, Android and iphone?

Whenever you successfully create a Gmail account, so the first thing you have to do is change your Gmail profile picture. Why it is necessary? Make sure your profile picture shows a positive response towards your business. If you are a professional personal then it’s required to change your profile picture so that your user will know about you and your business.

Want to change the profile picture but didn’t know the process how to change the Gmail profile picture, so find the complete details regarding this issue.

For computer:

  1. If you are using your Gmail account in computer system then first choose the supported browser for your Gmail account i.e. internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, safari, Google chrome etc.
  2. After that, in address bar type the and go to sign in page of Gmail. Once you enter in your Gmail account look top right side where you find the setting icon. Then click on setting option.
  3. Under the my picture section click on change picture
  4. After that you have to select or upload a new picture.
  5. Finally click on apply changes.

For Android:

  1. In your android phone open the browser which you want for your Gmail account. After that visit to
    Then click on edit button which is next to your picture.
  2. On your photo just click on edit photo option & choose the picture which you want to add here.
  3. After that crop your profile picture as per your choice and once it done, just hit the done option.

For iphone:

  1. In your iphone,choose the web browser for your Gmail account, then go to
  2. Once you enter click on edit which is next to your picture then choose the photo which you want to add it as a profile picture.
  3. Then crop it and click on save changes.

By using these above steps you can simply change your profile picture in Gmail without any problem. But in case you have any kind of issue regarding Gmail, then don’t forget to call Gmail technical experts for quick and reliable solution.

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