How Do I Enable And Disable Nudges In Gmail Account?

How Do I Enable And Disable Nudges In Gmail Account?: You receive important emails and are not replying to these important emails. Nudge identify important emails in your inbox. This is the best features provided by Gmail account. Nudge functions alert related to reply to important emails and follow up those sent emails and not received any response from that side. You can use this mailing service for office and personal purpose. When you forgot to respond to any emails and will see these emails in the top of your inbox. You are a regular user of Gmail account and face various issues like How To Use Nudge In Gmail, How to enable and disable the Gmail Nudges feature on your Android etc. in this post you will get complete assistance related this issue. Every customer has multiple accounts on Gmail due to free webmail service.

You want to turn on this feature in Gmail and follow easy steps with the help of this article. You get complete solutions related to this Gmail issues. You thought why should we need this feature. we receive multiple messages per day and don’t know which messages are important or not. we forgot to respond to these emails. These features alert on the time. you have also android phone and enable this features in your phone.

Not able to enable nudges in Gmail account

•You need to login Gmail account and from the menu, click on settings option.
•You will see the general section. When you scroll down and see the section called nudges.
•You can see two options like suggest emails to reply to and suggest emails to follow up on.
•You can enable both of them and any one option.

How To Turn Off Nudges In Gmail Account?

•login Gmail account and click on gear icon option,
•select settings option and then click on the general section.
•You need to scroll down and will see nudges section,
•You can unmark these two options in the Gmail account.

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