How Do I Find Lost Phone Using Gmail Account?

How Do I Find Lost Phone Using Gmail Account?: You have an android phone and add Gmail account. Without a Gmail account, you can’t access your phones.  You can track your phone with the help of this mailing service. Every smartphone has a unique international mobile equipment identity number. With the help of this number, you can track everything. Gmail offers various products like youtube, Google news, Google drive, Google contacts, Google calendar and various things etc. you can access anything. Your phone has been stolen by someone but your Gmail is working then you track your phone using Gmail. You want to know that How to find your lost Android phone, What to do if your cell phone or tablet is lost or stolen, I lost my phone but it has my email address in it can I trace it? How can I get find my phone numbers on my Gmail account if my phone is lost etc.  You need to recover missing phone as soon as possible. Every person has many accounts because there is no charge related to making an account on Gmail.

Firstly you should check that your cell phone is switch off or not and you easily track location without any help. Mailing service reduces the communication gap between present times and past times. In this post, you get the perfect solutions related to getting back your phone using Gmail account. You can install any tracking app on your smartphones. Your phone is turned on and internet connection is working then you easily track smartphones.

Methods related to getting back lost android phone using Gmail account are described below:-

  • Login Gmail account and click on Google account option.
  • Click on find your phone option and then select a phone and show the location of your phone.
  • You can follow some steps. f you’re using someone else’s device, when you’re done, sign out by closing private browsing mode.
  • When you click on that phone and you need to sign in your account.
  • There are different methods like try calling your phone, contact your operator, sign out of your account on your lost phone and no one can access your account.
  • You can ring on your phone and click on ring option.
  • You can sign out of your Gmail account from the lost phone and no one access your Gmail account.

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