How Do I Manage Appointments in Cox Mail?

How Do I Manage Appointments in Cox Mail? Appointments only involve you. You don’t need to invite participants in case of appointments. Firstly you need to check that another person is available or not at that time. You send an appointment request to another person in a fraction of seconds. When a customer opens your appointment request and they have an option to change the appointments. You don’t know the steps related to managing appointments then this post is very useful for us. You add start and end time, the location of these things in Cox calendar .you have an android phone and install Cox mail app. Appointments are like an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place. Every mailing service has some merits and demerits. Your documents convert into digital format. Every person has the busy schedule. You have no remembered appointments date then you add reminder related appointments in Cox account.  you want to know that How To Create And Edit Appointments In Cox Mail ?. You will get complete assistance with this post. There are many technical errors related to appointments are described below:-

  • Unable to moving Cox appointments.
  • How to delete appointments in Cox mail
  • How to change the appointment status in Cox mail?

How to Move Appointments to another Folder In Cox Mail?

  • Login Cox mail account and click on the appointments that you want to move.
  • You want to move multiple appointments that click on view option and then click on list option. Click the check boxes next to each appointment.
  • Click on more options icon and select move option.
  • Click on the destination folder.
  • Select move option.

Methods related to deleting appointments in Cox mail are described below:-

  • Login Cox mail and select the appointment that you want to delete.
  • Click on delete option and confirmation window appears and then click on delete option.

How to change the appointments status in Cox Mail?

  • Login Cox mail and click on the appointment that you want to edit.
  • Click on status option.
  • In the Comment field, enter any comments.
  • Click Accept, Tentative, or Decline.

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