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How do I Manage Contacts in Mail.Com Account?: When you are using mailing account and need to add contact information in your business card and it is very useful for us. You want to spread your product across different platforms and devices. When you send email address to someone and need to type the email address of that person and lots of time consuming. Time is very important for everyone. If we want to save our time then we create contacts in our account and add every detail of person like number, email address, company name,home address, birthday and many details. provides mail collector service in which we manage multiple accounts at one place. We need to organize our contacts then we create groups like personal, professional, club or close friends and easily put contacts into them. We are frustrating typing emails address of many person again and again on daily basis. offers the best method for us and reduces tension. If you want that How to Attach a vCard to an account ?

We can communicate to another person by mailing service and send business card .another person will easily know your contact information and he will definitely contact you. Sometimes we use mailing account for marketing purpose and built a better relationship with the recipients. When we use add wrong information in our contacts then we can edit anything in our contacts. You are working on any project or any assignment and share important information to many person then it is possible for easy to send message in groups any time. We never lose a message, document or contact details of old friend. Every person has family, school, college friends etc. we can divide the contacts into different groups and easily identify them. You have smart phones then synchronous contact number in your mail account. Your smart phones have been stolen by someone then it is easy to recover the contact information by mailing service. vcard is virtual contact file format in which spread the contact information in excel sheets and easily attach vcard any time.

Unable to add contacts in

  • Open account and select the new contacts in left corner.
  • Then you type the first, last name, email address, position and company name.
  • Select save option  and confirm each entry that it is correct or not.
  • If you want to need extra information then you select more option.
  • Type the address , date of birth, message , notes, nickname, websites etc.
  • Click on save option.

How do I edit the contact information in account?

  • Open account and select the contacts name.
  • Click on edit button option and change the field that you want to edit.
  • Choose save option and check more fields and enter the appropriate value .
  • Select save option.

How to delete contact in account?

  • Open account and select the contact name.
  • Click on delete option and select ok option .

You have any troubles related account like login issue, password issue, hacking and blocking issue then you contact Customer Service Number for fix the common issues related account.

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