How do I manage contacts or distribution list in Cox mail account?

How do I manage contacts or distribution list in Cox mail account? Why do we need to add contacts in cox mail account? You want to get urgent resolution related to these issues. When we send a message to another person and we need to type the email address again and again. You want to add several people to your mailing service .you add a name, email address, phone number, birthdates, and company address in Cox mail account. It is very difficult for every person to manage or search contacts from the big list of contacts. You get step by step solution by this post. It is very difficult to send mail to separate contacts and your time totally wastage. You can also create a distribution list in Cox mail account.  Every person has personal and professional groups. You can create friends, family, project group in the mailing service and share your views in the group. Communication will easy with many people at the same time. You want to know that How Can I Export Contacts From Cox Mail ?, how do I create and manage Cox contacts?

User divides the contacts into a project team, family, and friends group. You can add multiple recipients name in carbon copy field where every person will see your message. We are living in an electronic world where we use different email service but cox is the best mailing service all over the world.

Method related to adding contacts or distribution list in Cox mail account are described below:-

Add a contact in Cox mail:-

  • Login Cox mail account and select the folder in which you placed the contact.
  • Click on the new option.
  • Click on add contact and enter contact information like phone number, email address, person name, company address etc.
  • Click on save option.

Add distribution list in Cox mail account:-

  • Login Cox mail account and select new option.
  • Select add distribution list.
  • Type the name of your group in name field option.
  • In add contact Type the contact person’s email address and click on enter option.
  • Click on the Address Book Picker icon address book picker icon to select multiple contacts at one time using the Select contacts window.
  • When you contact list complete then you click on finish option.

How do I edit a contact in Cox mail?

Sometimes you add wrong information in your contact field. You want to edit such information like name, phone number, email address then you easily can. Cox mail offers these features for you.

  • Login cox mail account and select the folder in which your contact is placed.
  • Select the contact in which you want to edit that contact information.
  • Click on edit option and you can make changes in contact details.
  • Click on save

How can I delete a contact or distribution list in Cox mail account?

  • Login cox mail account and select the contact or group that you want to delete it.
  • Select delete option.
  • Click on delete option.

There are many technical issues generated by Cox mail are password issue, login error issue, how to manage emails in Cox account, hacking issue, blocking issue etc. you can contact Cox mail customer service number and get the best resolution. You get the best technical team who has many years of experience to solve many kinds of errors.


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