How Do I View and Save Attachments in Cox Mail?

In mailing service, you attach different types of things like scanned pictures, digital photographs, sound or music files, video clips, word files, computer programs or pdf files. Users send and receive mail to another person in a fraction of seconds.  you need to clip on the paper icon in mailing message. Mailing services make our life easy and reduce various tasks. Users take benefits from online mailing service. if your file attachment size is large then it takes a long time to download any file. You can reduce the data file by software.  You are working on any corporate firm and prepare sales report on the word and send immediately by Cox mail. you are Not Able To View Email Headers For A Message in cox mail. mostly users face common issues related attachment like attachment in cox mail are not visible, email attachment won’t download, not able to recover cox mail attachment storage space in IOS etc. Cox mail is the best mailing service for all users who are using this mailing service for the personal and professional purpose. sometimes when you receive an email with an attachment but unable to open it. this is a very big concern for all users.

You get the best steps by this post. You need to contact Cox mail service and get the best resolution. Sometimes your computer will not recognize all types of files. You don’t’ Have any software installed on your computer and recognize these files. Many software converts images into jpg format. Every person has an online smartphone and complete various tasks and activities with the help of smartphones.How to forward cox mail with attachments and want to know the steps related to these issues.

Viewing an Attachment in Cox Mail

  • Open Cox Mail Account and click on the mails contains an attachment.
  • There are many options like Click View to see a slideshow of one or more attachments.
  • Click on paperclip option And then click on the single attachment you want to view in Cox mail.

Not able to save an attachment in cox mail

  • Login Your Cox Mail Account.
  • Click on the email contain an attachment.
  • Click on download option to download all attachment into a zip file or click on paperclip icon option and click on the single attachment that you want to save in your computer.

How to contact Cox mail support:- you have any issues related cox mail like how to manage emails in cox account, password issue, unable to create folder etc. you need to contact Cox mail support and ask any questions with our support team . they will provide the perfect resolution.

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