How to Create an Email Distribution List in MS Outlook account?

How to Create an Email Distribution List in MS Outlook account?: Sending of mails one by one too many users is not a simple task. It is a painful and also a time consuming process. To overcome this problem, MS Outlook provides a facility by which you can send mails to all email address available in distribution list. You can send same mail to all account by applying single click. Outlook also provides storage memory to store contacts, emails. So, you can also create an email distribution list to send mails more than one email account.

Procedure to create distribution list in Outlook account

  • Login in Outlook email account by filling email address and password.
  • Visit in navigation bar and click on People.
  • If user is using compact navigation bar, he can click on People icon.
  • If user is using expanded navigation bar, he can click on People tab.
  • Move into the My Contacts section and select the folder where you want to save the distribution list of contacts.
  • Select the contacts which you want to add in distribution list.
  • You can also add or create a new contact.
  • Click on Add Members icon and fill all required details and click on Save & Close button.

If you want to send mails in same group again and again, you should create a new group or distribution list. It will help you to send mail to all contact address by applying single click. You can also use this simple way to send mail many people.

  • Open an email that you want to send more than one persons.
  • You can enter more than one name in To or Cc box one by one.
  • After entering name, you can click on Send button. Message will deliver all addresses.
  • You can also use another trick to send mail in a group.

For more Help & Support

Outlook users can also contact with Outlook mail Customer Support for more information related to Outlook email account.

Outlook Customer Support Number provides solution for troubleshoot the common issues related outlook mail .

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