How to Manage Contacts in At&T Or Bellsouth Account?

How to Manage Contacts in At&T Or Bellsouth Account?: You want to staying in touch with friends, family, coworker etc and want to sending mail, scheduling events, meetings, appointments and many things. Bellsouth mail is beneficial for you. Mailing services are very helpful in communication. You can save contact person details like phone number, email address, birthdates, company name and various things. You can also create group in this mailing service. You want to know that How do I import contacts from AT&T Address Book? How do I add a contact to my AT&T email? ,How do I restore my AT&T contacts?, How to transfer ATT contacts to iPhone? etc.  You send mail to any person and type the email address again and again . you want to save precious time. you connect bellsouth customer service any time.

You can keep track of important contact information. You need to add manually address in your account. Bellsouth mail is directed by at&t and controlled by yahoo. You want manage contacts in your mailing service. This post is very useful for us.  We need add contacts from email for business purpose. You can import contact information from anther Email account.

Getting some steps related to add contacts in bell south account are described below:-

Add contacts manually

  • Visit bellsouth or at&t login page and type email address and password .
  • Click on contacts option.
  • Click on new contact option .
  • Type name, email address, phone number, company name etc.
  • Click on save option.

Add contacts from email address book

  • When you login at&T mail account and open the email address of the person that you want to add .
  • You can select person’s name
  • Select add to contacts form the displayed menu option.
  • You can edit contact details according to your want.
  • Select save option.

How to edit or remove contacts in bell south account ?

  • Login at&t mail and select the contact name that you would like to change some details
  • Click on edit details and make some changes.
  • Click on delete option that you remove the person from your contacts.

You have any issues related Bellsouth account are unable to recover bell south password , file sending and receiving issues  etc. you connect bellsouth customer service number and getting the perfect solutions related mailing issues. our technical team have many years of experience to solve many kinds of technical errors.


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