How to Manage Mail.Com Files Storage in Your Browser? works like as a collector mails from another mailing service like Gmail, yahoo, outlook etc. you can store files, videos in file storage.  You use mailing service for personal and professional purpose. There are different browsers like chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer etc.  You can share file by email address by using the browser. provides unlimited storage for users. You can create folders in your browser and easily access your files. We want to share some files with the friends and family then we upload files by mailing service.  If another person sends any video or important files then you can download your files. You can edit, delete any files in Mailing is the most important part of our life.  We can download single files or folders and save on our computer.

Many technical issues arises related on daily basis.  When you download any files and find these files in download folder. We share videos, audio, images instant time. We use public computes and need to delete our history from the browser. Another person will easily see your website passwords and hack your account easily. You can save your images in particular folder.  We can also check the space storage in you see various things in account. You want to know that How to Free up Storage Space on Your Mail.Com.

How do I add file in

  • Login your account and select anything from existing folder.
  • Select add files option in add menu option.
  • Click on select files option and you search for required file.
  • When you find appropriate files then you click on upload files option.

How do I share a folder to another person’s?

  • Sign in account and right click on that folder and click on share option.
  • You can send share link window to recipients and click on this option like send a link via email.

Downloading file in

When you login account and select the files or folders that you want to download.

Select saves as option in actions menu when your downloading process will complete.

You have any issues related are change the password, reset the password, unable to create folder in , missing file, attachments and contacts, unable to create signature etc. customer service number resolve your issues in fraction of seconds.


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