My Gmail Account Is Not Receiving Incoming Mails What Should I Do

We receive millions of message per day. You can see different folders in  Gmail account  like inbox, spam , trash, sent mails and all mails etc. mailing service automatically transfer unwanted message into spam folder, important message into inbox folder .your inbox is out of control and delete some message form inbox folder. Email failed is the most common issues for everyone.firstly you should check that what are the reasons behind that incoming mails is not receiving in Gmail account are check your mails are forwarding into another account or not, check that you may create a filter that automatically delete certain mails without any notification, check that Gmail mail are read with another email client like apple mail, Microsoft outlook are facing error like Email suddenly not arriving in Gmail account ,you can’t receive Gmail message on iphone. 

You can sort of Gmail message according to your priorities. You can check pop or imap server settings. Gmail users face different kinds of issues like password issue, file sending and receiving issue, missing file , attachments and contacts, login error, message was delayed , message have not arrived etc. it is free web mailing service and offers unlimited storage for sending images, files to another person in fraction of seconds. Gmail message is missing on daily basis then you check spam folder and also check that this problem occurs from particular sender or particular country. May be you have block some email address in your account.Every person is using this mailing service for personal and professional purpose.

How can I check that if the Email was filtered or not?

  • Login Gmail account and select settings option.
  • You can click on filtered and blocked addresses section.
  • You can see the filter that includes delete It or skip inbox.
  • Select edit or delete option.
  • You can follow on screen instructions.

Not able to check that your emails are forwarding to another account or not

You add many accounts in Gmail account and access this account on computer, android phones or iphones etc. if you set up forwarding settings in Gmail account and select original mails was achieved or deleted.

  • Login Gmail account and select settings option
  • Click on forwarding and pop /IMAP section.
  • There are two options like keep Gmail’s copy in inbox and mark Gmail’s copy as read option.
  • Click on save changes option.

Your Gmail message was being read with another client mails , how can I check ?

  • Login Gmail account and select settings option.
  • Select forwarding and pop/imap settings page .
  • You can check that pop is enabling or not.
  • You are seeing delete Gmail copy or archive Gmail’s copy option.
  • In this case you select keep Gmail copy in the inbox.
  • Select save changes option.

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