What should I do if I forgot Outlook Password?

What should I do if I forgot Outlook Password?: Outlook is the best mailing service for everyone and it offers free mail accounts to outlook users. Everyone should always remember username and password. When you make any account and you fill some personal information and your password should be strong. Password should be combination of numerical, upper and small case letter, characters etc. main use of outlook mailing service for business and office 365 purpose. it can send and receive mail between server and the clients.  Password length should be eight or sixteen. You are working in any firm firstly you have many accounts on outlook for professional purpose. don’t choose your personal information in case of your password. Mailing services are mostly use in schools, colleges, organization and any firm etc. it offers some security settings to get back your username and password.Hacking is most common issues of every one.

There are different troubles arise from outlook are described below:-

  • Unable to reset the outlook password.
  • How do I change outlook password?
  • How do I get back outlook username and password?

If I have troubles related change the outlook password and what kind of steps I can follow:-

You thought that someone is else using your outlook account and you can change your password.  if you open outlook account on chrome browser. Sometimes your passwords saved in browser. You face difficulty related outlook passwords and someone steals your information easily. You can follow some steps related change the password:-

  • Open your outlook account with existing username and password.
  • You can select your name and profile picture then you choose view account option.
  • You choose change the password in left side of page.
  • For security purpose then you get security code by alternate mail or phone number .if you select code by text on your number then you enter the last four digits of your number. you receive a code and choose submit option.
  • You can enter your current password and type your new password that you want.
  • You choose save option. Your password will change.

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There are some steps related reset the outlook password is described below:-

Reset the password is necessary for us. If you forgot the outlook password then you reset any time. Without username and password you can’t sign it. You can follow some steps are described below:-

  • Firstly you visit the reset the password page. Then you select the reasons behind the password reset.
  • There are different option like I forgot my password, I forgot my password, but I can’t sign it, I think someone is else using my Microsoft account . you can select any option .
  • Then you type your Email address or phone number, Skype id. Your mail address should be like outlook.com, hotmail.com and then you type some characters is displaying on your screen. Choose next option.
  • You get a security code on alternate email address or phone number and when you entering this code then now can make a new outlook password.

You want to get more  solutions related other Outlook issues then you can contact Outlook Customer Service Number any time for precise solutions.

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