Why Are My Outlook Emails Going To Outbox And Not Sending?

Why Are My Outlook Emails Going To Outbox And Not Sending? You want to send message in short time but it takes too long time. After sometimes you check that your message going to outbox folder and not sending. Don’t worry this is the most common issues of everyone. There are many technical reasons behind this issues like large attachments, make sure that outlook is online or not, check outlook settings like resend directly from the outbox, set rule in case of delay sending message. Some emails have very large attachment then you can reduce the size of this attachment in outlook mail and easily send these messages. You should always check that internet connection is working or not. When you set delay timing in outlook account and face these issues. This article is very helpful for you and gets step wise step solution. You want to know that Why is a message stuck in my outbox?, How to delete an email message stuck in Outlook Outbox or re-send it, Why Can’t I Send Emails from my iPhone? Etc

When you set delay rule in outlook mail and revise your message before click on sending button. You can check that recipient’s name is correct or not. Outlook always the best offers for customers we use this malign service for business purpose. If your work totally depends upon mailing service and face various technical errors. You specify particular date and time at which your message should be delivered to that date. you never face this issues related to sending a message in outbox but not sending. You can check everything by the help of delay features.

Methods related to undo send a message in outlook mail with the help of delay rule are described below

• Login outlook account and select file option.
• Click on manage rules and alerts option.
• Select new rule option.
• Select this option like the apply rule on the message I send. you can click on next option.
• You can click on yes option to apply the rule in case of send message.
• Select this option like defer delivery by the number of minutes.
• Click on defer delivery by the number of minutes option.
• Click on a number of option and select the desired delay option like one or two minutes.
• Select an ok option and then select next option. you need to type the name for this rule and click on turn on this rule option.
• Select the finish option.

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